Haga Haga Hotel

Haga Haga Hotel

Haga Haga hotel is a family-owned hotel celebrating the old-world charm and hospitality of the Eastern Cape Wild Coast. The staff offer a hands-on personal approach to all the guests. If you wish for beach, sea and incredible views which is affordable then look no further than Haga Haga. The hotel has a special place in many people's hearts where families have been coming back for generations. It’s a place where you can connect again with your family, share, reminisce and experience new memories. It’s a place to escape, enjoy good food, make new friends and catch up with old friends and put your feet up

Haga-Haga is located 60 km north of East London, on the Wild Coast. The village is nestled between the hills and the sea at the mouth of the Haga-Haga River, where one can sail or paddle ski in the warm shallow waters, or go beachcombing in the craggy rock pools and spacious beaches, all set against the panoramic backdrop of rolling green hills.

Haga Haga offers miles of flat rocks, good fishing, rocky outcrops, ledges and gullies where one can see our enormous rock life. The foreshore is a shell collector’s paradise while the more energetic can undertake delightful walks both on the beach or inland.

Safe for the family, a shell collector's paradise, rock pools, fantastic sea and birdlife, indoor and outdoor games, boating (launching at Kei Mouth), ideal for an enjoyable holiday.

Haga Haga is a little hideaway that remains pristine due to the 13km’s of gravel road. If you want to escape then Haga Haga is the perfect place for you and your family. Come and enjoy one of South Africa’s best-kept secrets.
The History of Haga Haga Hotel
Haga Haga as a village was started in the early 1920’s when farmers from the hinterland acquired farms here for winter grazing. They would move everything, goats, cattle, sheep etc by ox wagon down to the coast for 3 – 4 months. To cross the beach they would unspan one team of oxen and hook them onto the other team, hence the work Haka Haka which is the Xhosa word to "hook on”, this is how Haga Haga got its name. The hotel started during the depression years as a 5 bedroom boarding house by "Daddy” Hobbs. A couple of years later White Waves Inn was developed. The original Chemaly cottage was bought and this formed the main building, kitchen, lounge, dining room. In the early 1960’s the Brill family, ex-traders from the Transkei, bought both the hotels and combined them to form one complex. On the 1 April 1975 Sandy and Neil Chemaly bought the hotel, arriving here to lighting plants, paraffin fridges and coal stoves.


155 Mariners Way
Haga Haga, East London, 5272
+27 43 841 1670 / 082 659 8881

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