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Haga Haga Walks

Whale Point Walk

A lovely walk with stunning elevated views from the top of our highest point. During Whale season (September –  November) enjoy the spectacle of whales passing and frolicking in the sea.

To get to the Whale Point View site proceed from the hotel along Mariner’s Way to Bridge Creek on your left, or continue up the hill towards the shop, to the junction with Fisherman's Walk. Walk along this road by bypassing the library and crossing over Crouch’s Causeway. Watch out for the marker – Conservancy Whale Point. Turn right at this point and the entrance is about 100 metres to the left. There are many benches on the walk which afford one a chance to sit and admire the magnificent view. For fun take a picnic basket with you. Over the brow of the hill is Pullen's Bay view site complete with a bench. The sure-footed can progress from this point down the hill to Flanagan's Bay and then walk back along the rocks and beach. For the not so steady return on the pathway to the entrance.

Krantz Garden Walk

Follow the same directions as above, bypass the Whale Point marker and proceed to the last house on Fisherman's Walk – Land's End. Carry on past the house to the concrete path and follow the walk to Pullen’s Bay. The hillside at various times of the year is a mass of wildflowers – hence the name Garden Walk. One needs to be aware of the tides when following this path. Especially high tide during the time of spring tides. The sea comes right up to the path in various places.

Otter Creek Trail

This is an inland walk. From the hotel head towards the Haga Haga shop. Pass by on the road towards some timber homes on the hill. This is known as Hadeda Way. The marker indicating the entrance is easily discernible at the cul de sac. At that point turn off the road to your left and take the footpath, heading down to the creek. There are many indigenous trees in the forest and at times it can be a birdwatcher's paradise. Walk along the creek and rest on one of the many benches provided. The exit will bring you out just before Ninky Noos Pub. The return trip can be made on the Haga Haga road or on the Hadeda Way. One can always retrace one's steps and exit at the original entry point.

Lagoon View Walk

This is another pleasant walk interspersed with benches at strategic points where the views are great. From the hotel turn right towards the lagoon. At Dolphin Close turn left up the short road towards the Log House. Climb up the grass verge where a railing is provided for your benefit. Climb up the hill where there is a bench overlooking the main beach and lagoon. This walk continues across the hill with two options. A steep decline takes one down to the lagoon and Cormorant Bench, or continue along the top of the hill past the rehabilitated refuse site, veer left along the pathway and back down the hill, to exit into Mariners Way near the Haga Haga shop.

Don’t forget to visit our Little Museum, above the Haga Haga Library, should the weather not be suitable for hiking. The Little Museum is full of interesting history, photos, shipwrecks along our coastline, a shell collection and info on our local flora and fauna. The museum is open daily from 08:00 AM – 16::30 PM and Saturdays from 09:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Please remember to sign our visitor's book.